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2018 Men's League Information

League Meeting on Thursday May 17 at 7:00.  We encourage ALL to attend. Getting some pre-knowledge will help the league run smoother for all involved.

Here is some information for the 2018 league:  

You MUST play on the designated league night.  If you can not play that night, you need to find a sub or we will randomly draw a league player for your score (someone close to your handicap).  You can NOT get together with the team you are paired with and decide to play on another day.

A league handicap will be calculated using the best 1/2 of all previous league scores.  No one will ever get more than 2 strokes per hole.
 (If the other team offers to give you a putt, you can putt out if you wish)
The league will be divided into 2 halves.  At the end of  the 1st half, the top (6) teams will be paid and first half gift certificates will be awarded.  We will then start over from scratch (points) for the 2nd half of the league. However, 1st half league handicaps will carry over to the 2nd half of league.

You will only be playing against the team you are paired with to earn points for that league date.  Each week is worth 18 points. 

We will use the following three formats:  1 Best Ball, Count Both Scores, 1 vs 1. There will NOT be a Scramble format used this year.

To make the league run smoothly, it would be of great help if you:

**FIND YOUR OWN SUB from the list that will be posted in the Pro Shop.

**It is your responsibility to pay for your sub.
**Pay for the entire league up front ($98) or pay at the beginning of each session ($49)

1.  1st league date is Wednesday May 23.  There are 2 separate league sessions (7 weeks each) running through August 29.  No league during Fair Week July 11.  Most dates are Wednesdays, but we have a couple of Thursdays due to the Hospital Outing and the 4th of July being on a Wednesday.

2.  Cost is $7 each week, plus a $7.50 green fee and $8.50 cart fee for non-members  (you do not have to ride).   Also, if you are not part of our handicap system, you will pay a one-time fee of  $10 for a league handicap.

3.  Players meet around 4:30 to 5:00 to play their match.  If you need to start later than 5:00 on league night, please let the pro shop know or contact your opponents.

4.  Your handicap will be based on your league scores, starting with the first league date.

5.   ANYONE 65 years of age or older on the first day of league can choose to play from the Blue Tees.  Whichever tees you decide to play from, at the beginning of league, will be the tees that you play from the entire league.  

6.  We will use an alternating schedule with the front and back nines.

7.  Each week we will pay cash to the low gross winner, low net winner, closest to the hole and both gross and net skins (you can NOT win a Gross skin and Net Skin on the same hole).  The top two point earning teams, each week, will earn money that will go toward a session end gift certificate.

8. The final week of play will be a shotgun start at 5:00This will be followed by a meal.

9. Please make sure the pro shop has your email address, as we will send out information about the league from time to time.  Also, you will be able to see the league schedule and results on our website as soon as we can post them after each night of league. 

10.  In the event of your round being stopped due to weather or some other circumstance, you need to return the scorecard to the pro shop and make arrangements within the group to finish the round ASAP.

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