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News from the Portland Golf Club for 2017

November 14

Update on Dave's wife Roberta:  Roberta is progressing.  Someone still needs to be with her at all times,  as she is still somewhat unstable balance wise.  She can dress herself.  Her left side is gaining strength.  She is on a low sodium diet, which she is starting to adjust to.  Rehab is going well with both the physical and verbal parts, but answers to questions are still very short.  She still has a long way to go.  Thank you for continued thoughts.

We apologize to you if you have come out to play or pay for next year and no one has been in the pro shop.  In the past, Dave was able to be in the shop or in the maintenance barn during this time of year.  However, due to Berdie's stroke, he has been with her.    There have been family members and friends come to stay with Berdie so that Dave can be up here some, taking care of the things that have to be taken care of. This will continue throughout the rest of November and then we will close for the season.

We will try to have someone in the shop at 11:00 on days that it might be nice enough to have cart play.  Dave is going to try to be in the pro shop longer hours, on the weekend,  until the end of the month. 

If you are going to pay membership(s) for 2018 during the early pay period, remember that early pay ends December 1, 2017.  Dave's home address is 712 N. Main  Farmland, Indiana  47340.  If you do not find us out here, please mail your 2018 membership to the course or to Dave's home address.

Please, once again, accept our apology for any inconvenience that Dave's situation has cost.  We are hoping to see all of you back with us again in 2018.

October 31

Update on Dave's wife:  Roberta is doing better.  Sally and I visited with her on Saturday at Ball Hospital and she was able to carry on a very nice conversation for the time we were with her.  She is working hard at her rehab and hopes to be coming home at the end of this week.  She still has a long road of daily rehab ahead of her.  Dave, as should be, is spending all his time with her and would like for me to pass on his "Thank You" for all the thoughts and prayers that you have given.

Golf for November will be very hit and miss, due to both the weather and Dave's situation at home.  With the time changing this coming weekend, the golf day will be shortened.

Here are the plans for the 1st half of November for being open.

Tomorrow, October 31  --  CLOSED due to the very cool weather being forecast.

November 1 thru 15

Pro Shop will open at 11:00  --  All carts must be in by 5:00  --  No carts go out after 3:30  -- Pro Shop may close early if weather dictates.

These hours are due to colder mornings and darkness falling on us much earlier.

You may want to call after 11:00 to see what the playing situation is before making a long trip out to the course.

Since Dave can not be around as much as usual and with these shortened hours, if you are considering paying your membership(s) for 2018 early, mailing them to the course may be your best option this year.  Please remember that the deadline for this December 1.

Thank you for all of you kindness and continued support of the Portland Golf Club.

October 22

Just wanted to let everyone know that Dave's wife,  Roberta, had a stroke on Saturday.  She is in the Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.  They found blockage in a carotid artery.  Roberta was taken out of ICU this morning (Sunday).  A speech therapist will be seeing her today.  We will keep you informed of her progress.  Please put her in your thoughts and prayers.

Those of you who have won a gift certificate in any of our events this year, we are asking that you please come in and redeem these by the end of October.  Dave has been lenient with this in the past, but would like to have all gift certificates redeemed to make a fresh start next spring.

We will start to experience morning temperatures in the low to mid 30's this week.  Please do NOT get on any part of the golf course when FROST is on the ground. 

Starting on Monday, October 23, the RANGE will be CLOSED for the remainder of the year.

The water system is now down for the year.  We will be blowing water lines, to get ready for winter, in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for your understanding during our plugging and sanding of the greens.  This will help the greens take in water over the next few weeks and in the spring.  They should be in great shape for the 2018 season.

For those of you who may be considering a golf and or cart membership for 2018, if you pay by December 1, you will save $75 on each type of membership.  For all of our membership rates, please check our website.

As you know, during this time of year, the weather often dictates when we can allow play and carts on the course.  If you have any doubts about being able to get on the course, please take time to make a phone call to us for current conditions.

On days that are playable, for the rest of October, we will open at 9:00 during the week and 8:30 on the weekend.  All carts are to be in by 6:30 everyday.  We will let you know about November hours near the end of this week.

Thank you for all of your support of the Portland Golf Club during this past 2017 golf season.  Please keep us in mind for your 2018 golf needs.

October 8
The plugging of the greens got delayed due to some mechanical issues.  It is now scheduled to take place starting early on Monday October 9.  The crew will be finishing the back 9 and then come to the front.  When this is happening, you may have to skip several holes and/or play the same side twice.  We will know more when the plugging resumes.  We will be sanding soon after when weather permits.

If you won a gift certificate this past year and have not redeemed it, you have until October 31 to do so.  We still have several in the box waiting to be used.  Please come in and redeem yours ASAP.

We will be mailing membership forms this coming week.  If you do not receive one and would like for us to send you one, please email us your mailing address and we will get one out to you immediately.  Remember that our early pay program ends on December 1, so to save yourself some $, it would be worth your while to get your membership(s) by that date.  New members can join for $500.

Jerry's final tournament is this coming Sunday the 15th at 12:30.  Please sign up as soon as you can this week.  The temperature is supposed to be great for golf. 

You can now play and ride 18 holes for $25 any day, anytime.  We will continue to stay open until weather closes us down.  Next week opening times and cart-in times are 8:30 and 7:00 during the week and 8:00 and 7:00 on the weekend.  Beginning Monday October 16 we will open at 9:00 during the week and 8:30 on the weekends and carts are due in by 6:30. 

September 22
Welcome to Fall with its 90 degree temps.  We do not have a lot of events left for this golf season, but the ones we do will cause an interruption in OPEN PLAY.

Sunday, September 24      We are hosting the Portland Rocket Outing starting at 10:00.  They have 24 teams.  We will not have any open play on this date until close to 3:00 pm.

The event that we had scheduled for Saturday, Sept 30 has been CANCELLED.  We will have OPEN PLAY all day on the 30th.

Sunday, October 1   We are hosting the FCC Outing.  They have at least 36 teams and maybe more.  We will be running a morning shift and an afternoon shift.  There may not be any open play on this date.  We will let you know closer to this date.

Wednesday, October 4  The greens, here at PGC, will be plugged on this date.  We will be pulling plugs.  This method is more time consuming and does more temporary damage to the greens than the other method called Deep Tining.  However, this takes a lot of the compaction out of the turf and allows more water to enter and the roots to expand.  This is all around better for the greens.  The front 9 will be open for play until around 11:30.  When everything is done with the back 9, we can open it for play, but you realize that those greens will be very, very bumpy.  We thank you for your understanding as we embark on this project.  Remember, that if you are a member of PGC, you can go play Hickory Hills on this day for cart fees only.  Hickory Hills will be plugging its greens on Thursday, October 5.

October 15   Jerry's Tourney  12:30      There will be a sign-up sheet in the Pro Shop this coming Sunday.

Congratulations to Brad Burkett and Eldon Morrical, Team Match Play Champions for 2017.  They defeated the team of Kip Hayden and Paul Reffitt.

As we enter into Fall, opening and closing times here at PGC will change throughout the month due to cooler night time temperatures and sunrise and sunset.  We will keep you informed of opening and closing times.

September 7

Membership Information:  If you were not a member here in 2017, you can join now for 2018 for $500 and play the rest of 2017 for free (cart fees not included in this promotion.)  We still have some great golf weather ahead of us in September, October, and even possibly into November.  If you have any thoughts of being a member in 2018, take advantage of this opportunity NOW.

Outing Information:  We are hosting the Dunkirk Kiwanis Outing this coming Saturday, Sept. 9 at 1:00.  The have 20 teams.  All morning carts must be in by 11:00 so we can properly prepare for this event.  Any golf after the outing will not start until around 6:00, naturally for 9 holes only.

On Sunday, Sept. 10, we are hosting a 6 team outing beginning at 8:00.  We are starting them off holes #1, #18, #17, #16, #15, and #14. The 1st tee should be open around 9:30 for open play the rest of the day.  If you come out before 9:30, we can put you off #10, but remember there may be some groups starting on #1 when you make the turn.

Men's League:  The Wednesday night Men's League ended last night, so both 9's will be open on Wednesday's.

JCHS Girls Golf:  The JCHS girl's golf team plays in their Conference Tournament this Saturday and then their Sectional is on the 16th.  Good luck to the girls as they wind down their season.

Jerry's Tourney for September:  For those of you who play in Jerry's Tournaments, his next one is on Saturday, September 23 at 12:30.  Please sign up in the Pro Shop ASAP or let Jerry know you want to play.

August 29
School has started, which means the majority of the golf season has come and gone.  We still have 2 months of good golf weather ahead of us, so we would still love to see you at PGC as much as you can get out here.

The Jay County Girls will have their last home match on Tuesday, August 29 at 4:30.  If you have not had an opportunity to see them play this year, this is your last chance here at home.

This Thursday, August 31, we are hosting the Annual Cooper Farms 9 hole Outing at 5:30.  In order to have the front 9 open for them, we are CLOSING the 1st tee at 3:30 for the rest of the day

Two of our match play tournaments have been completed.  In our Gross Match Play Ted Miller was our 2017 winner with Jerry Abbott runner-up.  In our Net Match Play Jerry Abbott was victorious with brother Tom finishing runner-up.  We still have the team match play to be completed.

Jerry will be having his September tournament on a Saturday this coming month.  It will be on Saturday, September 23, starting at 12:30.  There is a sign up sheet in the Pro Shop.  He held his August tournament this past Sunday with a fine turnout.  Results will be posted on our website later today.

Just for future knowledge, we will be Plugging all greens (pulling plugs), on Wednesday October 4.  Therefore, when you come out to play on that date, you will have to skip the holes being worked on.

As we are still in the middle of two months with lots of outings, we would like to thank you for your understanding and working around these outings.  Below is a list of all that we have scheduled for September.  All of this information can be found posted in the pro shop, on our outside calendar board, and always on our website.

September Events at PGC

Sat  2  Labor Day Weekend  Open Play    (Small Bachelor Party at 1:00)

Sun  3  Labor Day Weekend  Open Play

Mon  4  Labor Day  Burkettsville Open 9:00   (Course closed until around 2:00 pm)

Wed  6  Last Men’s League  SG at 5:00     (1st tee closes at 3:00 for rest of the day)

Sat  9  Dunkirk Kiwanis Outing  1:00    (All morning carts in by 12:00     Course then closed until around 6:00)

Sun 10  6 group at 8:00  Shotgun      (1st tee closed until 10:00)

Sat 16  The Rock Outing 9:00 -- Several groups at 1:00    (More on open play closer to this date)

Sun 17  Philothea CC Outing  9:00     (Course closed until around 2:00 pm)

Sat 23  Jerry’s Tourney  12:30 

Sun 24  Portland Rockets Outing  10:00     (Course closed until around 3:00)           

Sun 30  Dunkirk Community Outing  12:00    (All morning carts in by 11:00      Course closed until around 5:00)

As always, we truly appreciate you thinking of PGC when you are planning your round of golf.

August 13
Match Play Events

The three match play tournaments for the men are all down to the finals:

Net Match Play - J. Abbott  vs  T. Abbott

Team Match Play - K. Hayden/P. Reffitt  vs  B. Burkett/E. Morrical

Gross Match Play - T. Miller  vs  J. Abbott

Good Luck to all remaining players.   For those of you who played in any of these match play events, and won at least 1 match, we have your Gift Certificate ready here in the Pro Shop.

Remember that you can keep track of these events on our website.

Outings and other course closings

This Saturday, August 19, we are hosting the Coldwater Legion Outing at 1:00.  They have a full field, so ALL morning carts must be in by 12:00 that day.  The course will be closed until close to 6:00 that evening.  Any open play after that will be 9 holes only.

On Monday, August 21, we are hosting the Eastern Indiana Senior Tournament.  It will start at 9:00.  The course will be closed until 2:00.  There is a girls golf match that evening at 4:30, which will close the back nine for a period of time.

Men's League #11 will be on Wednesday, August 16.  They will be on the Front Nine.

Evening closing cart time

ALL evening carts must be in by 8:45.  Naturally, this time will become earlier as we go further into the Fall.  Please plan you round accordingly.

Tee Times

We have had the very nice experience of more play, especially on the weekends.  So that you can get on the course when you want to, we recommend that you call for a tee time, especially when we have outings and the course is available for open play for only a limited time.  260-726-4646.

August 4
The Moose Lodge Outing is tomorrow, August 5, starting at 8:30.  We are starting them on the back nine.  When their last group get past #1, we can then open the course for regular play.  This should be around 10:30 or so.

On Saturday August 12, we have the K of C / Special Olympics Outing.  They start at 12:00 and have 22 teams.  All morning carts must be in by 11:00 and the course will not be open until after 5:00 that evening.

On Saturday, August 19, we have the Coldwater Legion.  They start at 1:00 and have 20 Teams.  All morning carts must be in by 12:00 and the course will be closed until close to 6:00.

On Saturday, August 26, we have the Tate Open Outing.  They start at 12:30 and have 20 teams.  All morning carts must be in by 11:30 and the course will be closed until close to 5:30.

July 17
We hope that you enjoyed the Fair and still had time to spend with us here at PGC.  We have several events coming up, and need to report to you changes in some other scheduled events.


The YFC Outing has been rescheduled to Friday, August 4 at 12:30.  They have 10 teams, so we will still be able to have some OPEN play that afternoon.

The Mayor's Outing scheduled for Friday, July 21 has been POSTPONED.  No new date has been determined as of this time.

The Coldwater Eagles Outing is this coming Saturday, July 22 at 1:00.  We will need all morning carts in by 12:00 and the course will then be closed until around 6:00.

A reminder for future play - We have outings or other scheduled events every Saturday in both August and September - This will affect OPEN play for part of these days.

Club Championship

Club Championship dates are Saturday, July 29 and Sunday July 30, 12:30 both days.  The Championship Flight will go off first on Saturday, last on Sunday. 

Men's Match Play Tournaments

All of the Match Play Tournaments are progressing nicely.  In the Net Match Play we are down to the final four with J. Abbott vs M. Tatman and T. Miller vs T. Abbott.  The Gross Match Play is also down to the final four with C. Haviza vs T. Miller and D. Houck vs J. Abbott.  The Team Match Play has the Abbott brothers in the final four along with P. Bennett and C. Snow.  Each team is waiting to see who will complete the final four in this event.  Thanks to everyone for keeping with the schedule.

Please use our website to keep up with all happenings here at PGC.

Thank you for considering the Portland Golf Club for your golf.

July 2
We have had some great golf weather and are glad to see so many familiar and also unfamiliar faces here at PGC.  Hopefully the weather will keep cooperating so we can enjoy our golf for several more months.  Here is some vital information about what is happening here at PGC.

July 4

We have an 8 team NINE HOLE family outing starting at 1:00.  They will be shotgunned.  Therefore, the FRONT NINE will be closed from 11:00 to 3:00.  If you come out to play during that time, we will need to start you off the back and depending when you come out, if you want to play 18 holes, you may have to play the back twice.  We will need to hold 16 carts for this event, which leaves us 24 for regular play (as of this writing 7 of these 24 have been reserved),  so please call for a Tee Time if you are planning on playing on the 4th to make sure there is a cart for you.  Thank you for your understanding with this event.

Club Championship and Jerry's July Tournament

Due to August scheduling conflicts, the PGC Men's Club Championship will be played on Saturday, July 29 and Sunday, July 30.  Please sign up by Wednesday, July 26 by 5:00 pm.  Tee Times both days will be between 12:30 and 2:30 (depending on # entered).  There will be NO EARLY play on Saturday.  Due to this, Jerry's July 23rd event has been cancelled and Jerry will now have an August tournament with date to be determined.

Fair Week

Fair Week is July 9 thru 15.  There will be NO Men's League that week and No formal ladies events. By the way, the Ladies' playing times on Tuesday are at 10:00 and 5:00.)

July Outings

Friday, July 7   YFC Outing  12:30    (10 teams, so we will be able to allow some regular play)

Friday, July 21  Mayor's Outing  12:00  (all carts in by 11:00 / Course then closed until around 5:00)

Saturday, July 22  Coldwater Eagles Outing  1:00  (all carts in by 12:00 / Course then closed until around 6:00)

Match Play Events

A big THANK YOU to all of the participants in the match play events.  Matches are being played on time with some very competitive matches being played.  Keep up the good work.

Thank You

Another big THANK YOU to Eldon Morrical for his volunteer mowing that he does here at PGC.  Also to Scott West for all the things that he does to help make PGC better.  We do appreciate all of your time and donations.

Jay County High School Girls Golf

The JCHS Girls Golf team will begin their season on Friday, July 28.  They will be on the course for practices and matches beginning on that date.  We will keep you informed closer to this date on more specifics on times.

June 2
Thank you to all participants of the 2017 Men's League for a GREAT start to this year's league.  The weather was great and we had some very good scores recorded for League #1.  Hopefully, the rest of the League will go as smoothly as the first.  You can see all of the results of League #1 on our website and they are posted in the pro shop and snack bar area. Please remember that next week's league will be on Thursday, June 8 due to the Hospital Outing on Wednesday.

This year's PGC Jr. Golf Camp will be from June 12 thru June 16.  This is for any boy or girl who has just finished grades 1 thru 8.  Cost is $30.  Call, come in, or be here by 8:45 on June 12 to get signed up.  If you know of anyone who might be interested, please pass this info on to them.

The drawing for the TEAM MATCH PLAY is posted in the pro shop and can be found on our website.  The first two rounds of matches are to be played by July 14.

I know that this is a very busy time of year, but there has not been 1 match played in the Net Match Play Tournament.  The time period for these matches is over June 14.  Please try to stay as close to the posted dates as possible.

The sign up for the Men's Gross Match Play Tournament is in the Pro Shop.  You need to be signed up by June 13.  Play can begin on June 15.

The Jay County Hospital Outing is Wednesday, June 7 with a 12:30 start time.  They have 23 teams, as of now.  We need all morning carts in by 11:30 so that we can properly prepare for this event.  The course will then be closed until around 5:00.

On Sunday, June 11  we have an 8 team outing starting at 9:00.  More info about open play that morning will be coming next week.

The JCHS boys golf team will be playing in the Hickory Hills Sectional on Monday, June 5.  Good luck to all involved and let's get to the Regional.

May 23

Net Match Play

Those of you who are playing in the Net Match Play, please try to get your matches played within the posted time frame.  We often have trouble with this tournament finishing on time.  Please work hard to try to stay on schedule.

Men's League

A reminder to all Men's League participants that your first day of league is tomorrow, Wednesday May 24. 

Team Match Play

The Team Match Play sign-up deadline is next Tuesday, May 30.  This is a partner 1BB event using your full handicap.  As of now, we only have 7 teams signed up and would like to have a whole lot more.  Play begins on June 1 for this event.

Gross Match Play

The sign up sheet for the Gross Match Play Tournament is up in the Pro Shop.  Sign up deadline is Tuesday June 13 and play begins on Thursday June 15.

Jerry's May Tournament

Thank you to the 22 players who were able to participate in Jerry's first tournament last Sunday.  Congratulations to winners Orie Poole and Scott West.  Results are on our website.

Jr. Golf Camp

The Jr. Golf Camp will be held during the week of June 12 - 16.  This camp is open to any boy or girl finishing grades 1 thru 8 this year.  Cost is only $30 for the entire week.  Come in and register anytime or be here by 8:45 on Monday, June 12 to get registered.  If you know of any boy or girl who might be interested in this golf camp, please pass the word.

Memorial Weekend Special

Over all 3 days of the Memorial Weekend, we are running an 18 hole play and ride special for $25.  This is for anytime during the day and no coupon is needed.  Make your tee times now.

June Outings

Wednesday June 7  Jay County Hospital at 12:30.  Course will be closed from 11:30 to around 5:30

Friday June 30  Chamber Outing at 10:00.  Course will be closed from 9:00 to around 3:00

Thank you for considering the Portland Golf Club!!

May 9

Upcoming Events and Deadline Dates for May

Friday May 12   Last day to sign up for Men's Net Match Play

Saturday May 13  Ft. Recovery Community Outing  1:00   All morning carts in by 12:00  --  Course then closed until 5:30

Monday May 15  Begin Play for Men's Net Match Play

Wednesday May 17   League and Golf Rules Meeting  7:00  in snack bar area

Friday May 19  JG Meeker/JCC Outing  12:30  Morning carts in by 11:30  --  Course then closed until 5:00

Sunday May 21  Jerry's May Tournament 12:30   "Scramble with a Twist"    Sign Up ASAP

Wednesday May 24  Men's League #1

May 27, 28, 29  Memorial Weekend       Open Play all three days -- $25.00  play and ride 18 hole special

Tuesday May 30   Last day to sign up for Team Match Play

League Info and Proposed Golf Rules Meeting

We have set up a meeting on Wednesday May 17 at 7:00 in the snack bar area.  During this time we will go over the 2017 Men's League and then spend most of the time introducing the New Proposed Rules of Golf.  We encourage, all League Participants, those who play in Jerry's Tourneys or the Match Play events, any Ladies from the Ladies Association, or anyone else interested in this subject, to attend.  There will be $1 beer, soft drinks, or water along with chips and pretzels for those in attendance.  The entire meeting should last about 1 hour, at the most.  We would love to have a big crowd.

 Golf Lessons at the Portland Golf Club

We are very please to announce, that long time PGA Professional Randy Hunt, is now offering lessons here at the Portland Golf Club.  Randy has the knowledge, tools, and experience to work with all levels of golfers, from the beginner to the experienced.  Please check our website or call the course for more information.

 Jr. Golf Camp

For our 13th straight year, the Portland Golf Club will be holding a Jr. Golf Camp for any boy or girl finishing up grades 1 through 8 this year.  The Camp will be the week of June 12 thru 16.  Times will be from 9:00-10:00 Monday thru Thursday and 9:00-11:30 on Friday.  Cost is $30 for the entire week.  You may contact the course to sign up or just be here by 8:45 am on Monday June 12 to get registered.  Please help pass the word on this Jr. Golf Camp.


We want to thank you all for bearing with us during this rainy, cold weather pattern.  We have had on and off course closings and many days when we could not get mowers on the course.  We have caught up with the mowing.  Most of the downed trees and winter branches have been removed from the course.  The next big project will be getting the water up and running for when we do start to need it.

 Hats off to the JCHS Golf Team and the Middle School Golf Program

The JCHS boys are having a very fine season, in spite of the sometimes horrendous weather conditions they have been facing.  Their season is over half over, but the big events of Conference, Sectional and beyond are still to come.  Good luck the rest of the way to the boys and coaches.

East Jay Middle School Teacher, Ryan Steinbrunner, has started an EJ Middle School Golf Club.  They practice on Monday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.  There are 16 boys and girls in the golf club.  They have already had one tournament like experience, with three more to go before the end of school.  We are glad to see the interest in this program and appreciate the hard work of Ryan in putting this all together.  The future of Jay County High School Golf is in your hands.

April 27


Thank you to all who have joined for the 2017 season, to those of you who have purchased the 10 round passes, and to all of you who come in and pay as you play.  We do appreciate your support of the Portland Golf Club.

Keeping up with the mowing

For those of you who have been out recently, you have seen that the crew is really working hard to keep up with the growing grass.  It has been a chore, but they have been successful with this.  Soon they will be able to move on to other areas, such as getting the water up and running for when we will need to start watering, getting the sand traps into the shape that we want them, along with the many of situations that seem to arise on a daily/weekly basis.


Starting on Monday May 1, we will be charging the normal rates for playing 9 or 18.  You can see these rates on our website and they are posted in the pro shop.  Please remember that we do have specials that you can take advantage on certain days and times.  You can play and ride 18 holes for $28 on Saturdays and Sundays before 9:00 a.m.  Any day of the week, after 4:00 p.m. you can play and ride 18 holes for $25.  Also, if you go to our website's home page, you will see a link to print out discount coupons (or show them to us on your phone) for $28 on weekends and $25 through the week.

Pro Shop Hours

Also, starting on Monday May 1, the Pro Shop will open all 7 days at 7:30 a.m.   We always ask that carts be in before dark so that our evening pro shop worker can have some daylight to get the outside work done that they have to do each evening.  We really would appreciate your help with this.

Special Meeting for anyone interested

Please mark your calendar for Wednesday May 17 at 7:00 p.m.  We would like to meet with all Men's League participants, anyone who might be playing in any of Jerry's tournaments, any of the Women from your Association, or anyone else interested in learning more about the new golf rules proposed by the USGA.  We have some ideas for the implementation of these rules and how they will affect the league and Jerry's tournaments.  We will have $1 beer or pop, along with chips and pretzels for those attending the meeting.  We would love for you to attend and will welcome your input. 

Very important deadline dates:

May 12   Last day to sign up for Men's Net Match Play  

May 15  Men's Net Match Play Begins 

May 21 Jerry's Tournament  12:30        Last day to sign up for Men's League

May 24  Men's League Begins

May 30 Last day to sign up for Men's Team Match Play

May Outings

Friday May 5  Chamber Outing  11:30  All morning carts in by 10:30  Course then closed until 4:00

Saturday May 13  Ft. Recovery Community Outing  1:00  All morning carts in by 12:00  Course then closed until 5:30

Friday May 19  J. Gordon Meeker/JCC Outing 12:30  All morning carts in by 11:30  Course then closed until 5:00

Memorial Weekend

We do not have any scheduled events over the 3 days of Memorial Weekend.  Dave will be running a $25 18 hole play and ride special all weekend long.  Make your Tee Time ASAP.

Jr. High Golf Club

The Jay County Jr. High Golf Club will be hosting Blackford on Friday April 28.  They will be shotgunning off the front around 4:00.  Therefore, the 1st tee will close at 2:00 and then the front nine will be closed for the remainder of the day.  The back nine will be open for regular play.

Also, Welcome Back Ladies on Tuesdays at 10:00 and 4:30 

April 18

We are still in the process of trying to get caught up on our mowing, after this continued very wet spring, as many of you are around your home.  Please bear with us.


We will soon be going to our regular green fee rates for 2017.  You can see these rates on our website and they are posted on the wall in the pro shop.  There are two ways that you can save $ on our regular rates.  We offer the 10 round green fee card for $130 and the 10 round cart pass for $150.  Both of these saves over the regular rate of $32 for a weekend 18 hole play and ride.  We also offer discount coupons on the home page of our website.  Print these off and bring them in to be able to play and ride 18 holes on the weekend for $28 and during the week for $25.


We know that many of you have not been able to get out much yet here in 2017, but we do have some event deadlines quickly approaching.

Friday May 12   Last day to sign up for Men's Net Match Play

Monday May 15   Men's Match Play Begins

Sunday May 21  Jerry's May Tournament at 12:30       Also, last day to sign up for Men's League

Wednesday May 24   Men's League Begins on the Front Nine   1 Best Ball

Tuesday May 30  Last day to sign up for Men's Team Match Play


Friday May 5  Chamber Outing   11:30

Saturday May 13  Ft Recovery Community  1:00

Friday  May 19  JG Meeker/Jay Community Club   12:00

All carts, on these days, need to be in 1 hour before the outing start time.  The course will be closed from the start of the outing for approximately 4 1/2 hours.

                                      EIS   (EASTERN INDIANA SENIORS)

For those of you 55 and older thinking about playing in the Eastern Indiana Seniors (EIS) events this season, they start in May.  All events start at 9:00.  Each event you play in is $25.  You must sign up by the Friday before each event.  More information can be found on our website or in the pro shop.

We will keep you informed of other happenings as we get that information.  Please use our website, as all of this information, along with much more, can be found there.

March 24

Course Conditions

The Portland Golf Club is open for play, WITH CARTS.  We will open both days of this weekend at 8:00 am and carts need to be in, this time of year, by 7:30 pm. 

We are still currently using our spring rates.  $12 to play and ride 9 holes and $20 to play and ride 18 holes.

Within the next few days we hope to be able to:

Change pin placements, start our mowing process of greens, tees, and fairways, put out trash cans and ball washers, pick up limbs and other course debris, place the tee markers back on the regular tee stations, open the range, and just get everything else ready for the 2017 season.

The time table for all of the above is naturally dependent upon the weather.  The prediction is for rain on several days over the next week.  We hope this either misses us or is a small amount so we can get the 2017 golf season started.

Handicap Fee due by March 30

Another reminder about the 2017 handicap system payment.  On April 1, the Indiana Golf Association will bill us for every person listed on our handicap roster.  Therefore, if you have not paid for this service for the 2017 system, we will mark you as INACTIVE on March 30.  Once again, all this means is that you can not enter scores and will not show up on the April 1 handicap revision (and future revisions) until you do pay for this service.  You must have a verified handicap to play in Jerry's monthly events, Men's League, Club Championships, and our Match Play events.

About our PGC Friends

We wish our great employee and friend, Judy Knapke, a speedy recover with her recent shoulder surgery.  We also wish Fred DeHoff, a long time PGC member and friend, success with his surgery.  We are thinking of you both.

In a sad note, we lost a loyal member of our Tuesday Ladies Group.  Sue Hilfiker passed away in early March.  We here at PGC, along with all the PGC Ladies will miss her.

March 19

After our beautiful end to February, the weather has not been our friend in March.  It looks like the cold and/or rain is going to be with us through much of the rest of March.  We will continue to check the course conditions and try to be open whenever possible.  Until this weather pattern changes, you might want to call the course (260-726-4646) to check on conditions before driving out. 

Titleist Pro V1 Special

Titleist is, once again, running its Pro V1 Special, where you can buy 3 dozen and get 1 dozen Free with Personalization on each ball.
Choose either Pro V1 or Pro V1x (all 4 dozen must be same ball)
Personalization:  Up to 3 lines per ball with 17 characters per line
Pick personalization color:  black, blue, green, red, or pink
Pick your number(s):  Standard numbers 1-4 or 5-8 for Free.  For an additional $4, you can choose the same number for every ball 1-99 or 00.
This offer ends on April 16. 


We know the weather has kept many of you away, but please remember that we will be making anyone from the 2016 handicap list INACTIVE if you do not pay for 2017 by March 30.  This just means that you will not show up on the April 1 Handicap Revision list or future lists, until you do pay for this service.   $35 again for the 2017 season.

We are looking for someone to Mow

PGC is in need of someone to mow rough and other areas of the course.  This job would be for about 25 hours per week on a tractor and/or smaller riding mower.  Length of work time would be from mid April to mid October.  If you are interested, or know of someone who would enjoy this type of work, please call Dave at 260-726-4646 or 765-730-2885.

Rules changes by the USGA and R & A

Many of you already know that there have been many golf rules changes proposed.  We are discussing these, here at PGC, and will keep you informed of what our plans are for this coming year with our monthly tournaments and our men's league.  If we decide to proceed with this, we will set up a meeting for late April or early May to go over the changes.

Please keep viewing our website to keep up with all PGC info. 

Thank you for considering the Portland Golf Club!

March 6
Welcome to the Portland Golf Club for another year of good golf with good friends.   We have a lot of information for you, as we do at the beginning of every golf season, so please take time to read through this newsletter.

Annual Golf and Cart Memberships
Prices for golf have again NOT changed for the 2017 golf season.  Please visit the RATES page on our website to see all of the different types of fees for 2017.  Many of you take advantage of our Annual Memberships and the benefits that go along with being a member.  Most golfers with these plans get more than their monies worth.

For those of you who play a lot, but do not think you would make use of a full membership, we continue to offer the 10 round Play and Carts passes, as in the past.  These offer very good deals and are excellent gifts for birthdays or just for that someone special in your life.

Dave still is offering the $25 twilight rate good all 7 days of the week, after 4:00 pm.

So, we have a time and a rate that we hope you will find attractive enough to come out to PGC for several rounds of golf throughout the golf season.
Handicap Fee
For those of you who join the IGolf (Blue Golf) Handicap system, this year's fee will remain at $35.  Due to the Indiana Golf Association requirements, we are asking for you to have this paid by March 30.  If not paid by that date, any active members will be marked as INACTIVE until you pay this fee.  What this means is that you will not be able to post scores and your name will not appear on the April 1 Revision. You can still pay after the March 30 date and we will ACTIVATE you or sign you up ASAP.  Please try to get out and pay your $35 handicap fee by March 30.
JCHS Boys Golf Team
The JCHS boys golf team, under the direction of Coach Butch Gray,  begins practice on March 13.  They will be on the course as soon as the weather conditions allow.  They have several home meets this season.  You can check out when they play at PGC by clicking on the EVENTS CALENDAR link.  Please be patient, with the boys and coaches, as they use the range and course through early June.

Outings at PGC
At this time, we have 17 outings scheduled for here at PGC.  To learn more about having an outing and to see the 2017 outing list, please click on the OUTING link.  Please contact us ASAP if you would like for us to host an outing for your group.

Eastern Indiana Seniors
This year's EIS schedule and events are very similar to last year.  For those of you 55 years of age or older, this is a great opportunity to play nearby courses and to make new golfing friends.   Here are the basics:  a one time $10 registration fee; $25 to enter a tournament; play in as many or as few of the 13 events as you choose; most are on a Monday and start at 9:00 am;  all play will be from the Senior Tees at each event you enter; most events have a payoff for Low Gross, Low Net, and Closet to the Pin in each handicap flight.   For those of you who are retired, or who could take a Monday off work now and then, this is a great tournament series.  Click on the EIS link for the complete schedule and all details.
Jr Golf Camp
We will be hosting a Jr Golf Camp again this summer.  Dates for the 2017 Camp are June 12-16.  As in the past, the fee for weeklong camp is only $30.  Ages are from 1st grade through 8th grade, but we do accept younger golfers, if they can stay on task.  Click on the JR GOLF CAMP link for full details.
Tournaments, League, Match Play
Jerry will, once again, be in charge of our Men's Monthly Tournaments.  He has dates already established and always comes up with great formats.  League will start on Wedesday May 21 and run through 14 weeks as in the past.  The three Match Play Events will beging at various times throughout May.   We will have sign up sheets in the pro shop around the middle of March.  We hope that you can play in several of these exciting events.  Find out more about each of these events at these links:  Mens Tournaments,   Mens League.

Titleist Golf Balls
The PGC pro shop will continue to sell Titleist golf balls as the only brand we stock.  The Pro V1 and Pro V1x have been updated for the 2017 season.  At this time, Titleist is running its special where you can buy 3 dozen of the Pro V brand and receive 1 dozen free.  This includes up to three lines of engraving per ball.  Stop in or call the pro shop for more info.  We anticipate our first shipment of Titleist balls by April 1.

December 2016
As we look back on the 2016 golf season, we have a lot to be thankful for.

We start off by thanking all of the members and regular green fee players who have supported us during our time here in Portland.  We have about 40 people who have been members every year that we have been here.  We appreciate your support and hope that you have enjoyed these years.  We have many others who have been members at times or are with us every year as regular green fee players.  Your patronage is always very much appreciated.  To those who only play the occasional round here at PGC, we thank you and hope you find time to join us more often.

We have many people who have given to PGC with their time, equipment, knowledge or all of the above:  John Cain, Larry Chittum, Fred DeHoff, Zach Fullenkamp, David Haines, Randy Hunt, Eldon Morrical, Larry Poole, Orie Poole, Scott Rines, Mark Tatman, and Scott West.   Your generosity is appreciated and we thank you for the many ways in which you help us.

With our season lasting 8-9 months and operating hours of sometimes 13-14 hours per day, our staff is very much appreciated for all they do for us.   Many work in more than one area and it is good to know that we can count on them wherever they are.

In the pro shop:  Tom Abbott, Brad Burkett, Butch Gray, Jordan Jacobs, Judy Knapke, Linda Selvey, Sally Haviza (League Secretary and Outing Organization) and at times Jodi Goodhew and Karley Reid.  We also want to recognize Jerry Abbott, our Men's Association Tournament Director, for putting together his many fine monthly tournaments.  Thank you for all the years that you have been helping us in this area.

In the snack bar:  Manager Judy Knapke,  Jodi Goodhew,  Stephanie Hudson, and Karley Reid,

Outside:  Brad Burkett, Taylor Klarer, Jay Houck, Jason Huddleston, Shannon McEwen and also Brian Klarer for his many years of service here at PGC.  We give a special thanks to Brad for going the extra mile after Brian’s departure.  This really helped get us through the final months of the season.

Thank you to all of the Ladies who continue to support PGC and hold their usual Tuesday and Wednesday events.  It is always good to see your smiling faces and hear the banter and laughter that goes on within your group.

We congratulate those who won the 4 main men's tournaments held during the year:  Club Champion - Brian Caster, Gross Match Play - Drew Houck,  Net Match Play - Ted Miller, and Team Match Play - Ted Miller and Mark Tatman.  Thank you to all who played in one or more of these events in 2016.

Our Men's League was a big success with 18 teams participating in 2016.

Winners of 1st half:  Dave Brown/Dave Rigby, Mike Eads/Roger Jonas, Bill Caster/Brian Caster

Winners of 2nd half:  Adam Horn/Jeff Horn, Dave Brown/Dave Rigby, Jim Caster/Brad Hutzler

Overall Winners:  Dave Brown/Dave Rigby, Adam Horn/Jeff Horn, Kip Hayden/Paul Reffitt, Mike Eads/Roger Jonas, Jim Caster/Brad Hutzler, Bill Caster/Brian Caster, and Pat Bennett/Dave Fullenkamp

Low Gross Winners:  Rafael Briones, Adam Horn, Brian Caster

Low Net Winners: Dave Brown, Dave Fullenkamp, Curt Compton

We always wish for an early spring so we can see your smiling faces and we can get started with the golf season.  For now, however, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  We hope that you are very careful on the roads and that you get to spend lots of time with family and friends.

Our 2017 website will be up and running just after the start of the new year.  We already have a lot of information on tournaments, outings, leagues, and much more.  As always, we will update the website as soon as we get new information, so please visit us often to keep up with all the news from the Portland Golf Club.

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