July 1

The course is in great shape and the flower beds are looking very nice thanks to the hard work of Brad and his crew for the course work and Cindy Denney and Family and the New Owners for their hard work in this hot weather. Even with the rain and very hot weather we have […]

July 6

Just wanted to let everyone know, if you have not heard already, that Dr. Dave Fullenkamp and partner Conner Hoyt are the Gold Medal Winners in the Special Olympics USA games held in Seattle, Washington this past week.  They were 6 shots behind the leader going into the last day and won by 2 shots. […]

July 25

If you have not been out to PGC for a while, you have missed a lot.  The siding of the building is coming along nicely.  Several shrubs have also been removed from around the club house.  The Denney girls have done a very nice job of repainting the concrete hole signs.  Cindy Denny and family […]

August 2

We have two large groups coming out early Saturday morning that will be shotgunned at 8:00 and 8:15. The 8:00 groups will go off holes 1-6.  The 8:15 group will go off holes 14-18, 1. Therefore, we will have NO OPEN PLAY until the 8:15 group passes hole #1, which should be around 9:30-9:40 range.  […]