Thank you to all of the members and green fee players who supported us during this past 2017 golf season.  We have had a small core of members who have been with us, each of our past 13 years, here at PGC and we thank you.  We have many more who have been able to join, on and off, during this time period as well.  All of you, along with those who have been loyal to us as daily fee players, we thank you very, very much for your continued patronage of the Portland Golf Club.

We can not do all of the things that need to be done to keep a golf course operational without the help of members and friends.  We are blessed that we have several who give of their time and or equipment to help us here at PGC.  Hopefully, not missing anyone, thanks to Pat Bennett,  John Cain, Larry Chittum,  Dave Haines,  Eldon Morrical, Larry Myers, Scott Rines, Larry Poole, Orie Poole, and Scott West.  Your generosity is appreciated and we thank you for the many ways in which you help us.

With an 8-9 month season with many 13-14 hour days, our staff helps in countless ways.  Many work in more than one area.  It is good to know that we can count on them whenever and wherever needed:

Pro Shop:  Tom Abbott, Brad Burkett, Butch Gray, Jordan Jacobs, Judy Knapke, Linda Selvey, Randy Hunt, and Sally Haviza (League and Outing Secretary).  Also, a big thank you to Jerry Abbott, who has set up and run our monthly men’s tournaments for the past several years.

Snack Bar:  Manager Judy Knapke, Jodi Godhew, Stephanie Hudson, Karley Reid

Upstairs:  Janet Powers

Outside: Brad Burkett, Jason Huddleston, Taylor Klarer, Jay Houck, Shannon McEwen

Once again our ladies have had great turn outs for their Tuesday and Wednesday events.  I hear they also have a lot of fun between rounds on Tuesdays.  Thank you for being here and continue your fun here at PGC.